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Katie, Episode 4 - Available Now! by SorenZer0

The story of Katie and Eric continues in Episode 4!
In this episode, Eric is forced to endure some one-on-one time with Katie. Will he survive? Find out through the links below!

Updated! Now available from all the usual store options!

Check it out at  GiantessLove (and read the first 4 pages for free!)

or Kaneda's website at Gumroad (and pay with Paypal!)

or  from GiantessKatelyn!

And if you haven't already, get caught up on the first two episodes here:
GiantessLove - Episode 1Episode 2Episode 3
GiantessKatelyn - Episode 1Episode 2Episode 3

Katie, Episode 4: Touch - Now Available! by SorenZer0
Katie, Episode 3 - Available Now! by SorenZer0

The story of Katie and Eric continues in Episode 3!

Check it out at GiantessLove (and read the first 4 pages for free!)
or from GiantessKatelyn!

or from :iconmisskaneda:'s new website and have the option to pay with Paypal!

And if you haven't already, get caught up on the first two episodes here:
GiantessLoveEpisode 1Episode 2
GiantessKatelynEpisode 1Episode 2

Katie, Episode 3 - Now Available! by SorenZer0
End of The Road - Now Available! by SorenZer0

This is the first story where I've done all the writing, illustrations and design, and I'm super excited to share it with you all!
All men in the world have shrunk due to a mysterious disease. Years later, they have become little more than pests in the eyes of the women who have inherited the earth. For women, the transition was simple, and natural. For men, it was swift and brutal. Either adapt to their new place in the world, or meet a gruesome end. For a group of eleven men, the struggle for survival has lead them south in search of fairer weather and easier living. Road weary and desperate, they take a chance on invading an isolated rural home in search of food. But once they're discovered by the two young women who live there, they come to realize that there are worse things than being regarded as a pests. They could be toys instead.

Get it here:
from GiantessKatelyn
or GiantessLove! 
(and read the first 7 pages free!)

End of The Road by SorenZer0
''Madison'' - Now Available! by SorenZer0

My latest collaboration with :iconmisskaneda:, "Madison" tells the story of a young woman forced to confront her own hidden dark side after a chance encounter with a shrunken couple.

A portion of every sale will go to benefit SizeCon until April 23rd (the day of the convention)!

Available exclusively on GiantessLove (for now!), to make profit sharing easier.

Get it here, on GiantessLove! 

And read the first 10 pages for free!

UPDATE: Now also available through GiantessKatelyn!

Available Now! ''Madison'' by SorenZer0
Katie, Episode 2 - Now Available! by SorenZer0

Katie is back in the second episode of many!

This time this visuals are massively improved thanks to Iray and my sexy new computer :D
Finally, I can match the quality of Kaneda's writing!

So excited for you guys to see this one. My first full story rendered in Iray using my new computer! 

Get it here: on GiantessKatelyn or GiantessLove!

(You can read the first couple pages on GiantessLove, but it may spoil the ending of Episode 1 if you haven't read it yet!)

And speaking of Episode 1, check that out here:  GiantessLove and GiantessKatelyn!

Now Available! Katie, Episode 2: Game by SorenZer0
Happy New Year, everyone! Yes, I know that's like five days late, but I have a good reason. And that reason is.... I've bought a new computer, and I've finally got her set up!  :squee: 

I posted a picture of her on my twitter:… (follow me, btw!)
Isn't she gorgeous? If she were any bigger I'd have to break a champagne bottle on her hull. She is a beast. I think I'm going to name her Alice.

Anyway, Alice and I are really excited to get back to business, and we'd better get hustlin' because I'm way behind on projects and commissions.
So here's what I've got on my schedule, in order:
  1. Katie, Episode 2! Which will now be rendered in sexy sexy Iray! If you haven't yet checked out part one, you can get it from GiantessLove and GiantessKatelyn!
  2. Render commissions from :iconpapayoya:, from his Side Effects series. 
  3. An illustrated story commission from :iconcrlvr:, written by me!
  4. Continuation of my general awesomeness. 
  5. Collaboration with :icongiantessnyx:! I don't want to say too much about it just yet as she's barely had a chance to start writing, but you should definitely be excited.
Before I get to it though, I want to start this year off by taking a moment to express my gratitude to everyone for their support last year. Whether via Patreon or buying my products or by just leaving positive comments and favoriting my works, you all made this possible, and continue to give me the courage to keep at it. Thank you all so much Heart 

2016 is going to be an exciting time, you guys.
Katie, Episode 1: New Toys by SorenZer0

It's finally here! My latest collab with :iconmisskaneda:. Featuring domination, entrapment, crush and sexy flat-soled boot action!

We're trying something a bit different this time, telling a longer story with shorter episodic installments. The reason we decided to go this route is that we just loved writing and illustrating Katie so much that her story kept getting longer and longer even as we tried to shorten it to a more reasonable length. She cannot be contained with 50 measly pages EVIL Laughter!!

Check it out:

at GiantessKatelyn
at GiantessLove and read the first 3 pages for free!
 Now Available! Katie, Episode 1: New Toys by SorenZer0
I'm in the mood to try something a bit different, you guys. Lets play a game.

I hate coming up with titles for my art, so here's my idea: you guys give me titles--only titles--and I'll come up with a gts-themed render to go with it! But I don't want obvious, literal titles like "Boot Squish #6." I want only the most abstract, pretentious titles. The kind of shit undergrad art students give their paintings. Like "Reflecting Apparition of Blue Resignation" or "Luminous Alterpiece of Despair" or some nonsense.

Suggest as many as you like, but make 'em good because I'm only gonna do my favorites. Get pretentious!
''Disposable'' Part II - Now Available! by SorenZer0

It's here! :iconmisskaneda: and I are thrilled to announce that the sexy conclusion to Disposable is now available! Get it here:

And if you haven't yet, check out Part 1 here:

Disposable Part II - Now Available! by SorenZer0
''Disposable'' Cover Art - Available Now! by SorenZer0

I'm super excited to announce that part 1 of my collaboration with :iconmisskaneda: is now available at GiantessKatelyn(.com). Get it here:!

The store page says it all, but if you like wealthy, entitled girls lording their superiority over smallfolk, this one is definitely for you.

As always, Kaneda and I would love to hear your feedback! And if you totally loved it, leaving a review on the store page would be much appreciated as well :D

Disposable - Available Now! by SorenZer0
Crush 2 Cover by SorenZer0

As you may have already seen, my latest collab with :icontinyone234: is now out and available for purchase! I wanted to talk to you guys a little bit more about the story because goddamn, I love these characters.

Not long after the events of Crush 1, we rejoin Jenni and Lauren as they expand their increasingly successful snuff film business to include a weekly livestream. Jenni reprises her role as the playfully sadistic star crushgirl; this time using her hands and mouth to brutalize an entire box of shrunken men and women. Meanwhile, Lauren continues to run the show and pull the strings from behind the cameras, but it's not long before a donation from an admiring viewer convinces her to step into the spotlight. Soon, the sisters are tag-teaming their tiny victims and putting on a show to satisfy even the darkest sadomasochists.

I had so much fun working on this one! Of all the characters I've designed or helped design, Lauren is probably my favorite. She's an ambitious, no-nonsense entrepreneur who cares nothing for how many tiny lives are destroyed in her determination to make her own way. It's a quality I can empathize with Meow :3. I also enjoy the dichotomy of her being the younger "kid sister," yet she's essentially Jenni's boss, and the director of an entire studio (which includes other crushgirls besides Jenni!). It's a really interesting power dynamic that I'd definitely like to explore further in future episodes of this series. But lets not get too ahead of ourselves Wink/Razz.

If you haven't already, do check out the Prologue to Crush 2 over in my gallery, here.
It has a link to Katelyn's store page where you can purchase the full story, and hopefully enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it! Thank you all so much for your continued support!
We'd also love to hear what you all think, so please let us know by leaving a comment here! I am a dummy! 
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NAKED Official Cover by SorenZer0

The last time I wrote a journal it was to announce the start of commissioned eBook collabs with :iconemmagear:. Nearly one year and a half-dozen eBooks later (with more still to come!), I'm writing to announce that we'll soon be selling stories through :icongiantesskatelyn: on! And our first story is nearly ready to go!

NAKED, which we teased last week, is about Jocelyn Renoir, a supermodel who finds herself giantess sized after a bad night of drunken debauchery. It's 50 pages of high-res, full-color giantess-in-a-city action. More preview pics and a full synopsis will be up soon on Katelyn's site. This story has been my most ambitious and technically challenging to date, and I hope you're as excited as I am to see the final product! Also, I feel I should say that is not the end of free stuff from us :-)

Lastly, as Emma said in her journal, I too would like to thank everyone for their support in bringing us to this milestone. Friends, commissioners, fans that leave comments, and fans that silently watch and favorite--all of you have helped us develop our craft to this point and you have my deepest gratitude. I don't know what'll happen one year from now, but with your continued support, maybe I'll be writing another one of these with even bigger, even more exciting news. :D
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New Type of Commission!

As you may have heard from :iconemmagear:'s journal post, she, :icontinyone234:, and I are happy to announce that we are now teaming up to produce illustrated ebooks for commissions!
In the style of

Mature Content

God Is Love by SorenZer0

Mature Content

Crush by SorenZer0
, not only will each ebook feature your story written by one of the most popular authors in macrophilia, and custom character design and visuals by me, but it will also be presented in a unique format specially designed for the greatest storytelling impact. Unlike the way I was doing render stories before in comic-like style, illustrated ebooks can be done much faster, and offer the best of both the visual and literary mediums, second only to full-scale movie productions. Interested? Send me or Emma a message and we can discuss your story idea and give you a price quote.

Standard Commissions

No worries if you're not a lover of literature, because I'm still available for single-shot or short set render commissions! Pricing will vary depending on difficulty, but will generally fall between $5 and $30 per render. 

In other news...

I'll still be producing and posting my own personal works, in addition to the collabs I have lined up with :icontinyone234:, :iconmisskaneda:, and :iconcrushedboywonder:! It's a pretty great time to be one of my fans, amiright?
I never would've anticipated that when I started contributing to the macrosmut world that I'd meet so many awesome people and make such good friends, but here we are! I've said before that all I really want out of life is to make cool art with my friends, so I'm pretty much livin' the dream.
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